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Ghost Hunters

Well this is techniqually a TV show, but I am watching the dvd's casue I do not get the Sci-fi channel.

But for anyone intrested in the paranormal and Ghost Hunting, I have found no better show then the Ghost Hunters on the Sci-fi channel/DVD

One of the great things about it, is that they are this investigation agecny called TAPs that was founded by skeptics who really did not belive untill they had had some experince in thier life and decided to look into it.

And thier main objective is always to diprove something then just confirm it. They will try and find a reasonable explination first and fore most and try and recreate any possible situation to see if it could be man made instead of the work of the supernatural, but they do catch some pretty amazing and unexplinable things in the process.

They are also very professional and instead of using pychics who just walk around saying I feel this or that, they have a scientific method for thier investigation.

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