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Located in Jamtland County, Lake Storsj?as formed almost 9,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age, and is now Sweden's fifth largest lake. For over three and a half centuries, residents of coastal villages situated around central Sweden's Lake Storsj?ave claimed to have had encounters with a large - presumably amphibious - aquatic animal, which they call "Storsie". The cogmen Storsie is actually short for "Storsj?uret," which translates as "The Great Lake Monster".

Descriptions of Storsie have varied over the years. Some have described it as being serpentine in appearance, with multiple humps, a feline or canine-like head and grayish skin. Others have claimed that the creature is short in stature and morbidly obese, with a roundish skull.

Many witnesses have compared the beast to a crocodile, still others have drawn parallels with eels or even otters. Another point of contention regarding the identification of this animal involves the controversy revolving around Storsie's limbs.

While some eyewitnesses claim that they resemble the large flippers so common to aquatic animals in general - and Lake-Monsters in particular - their are those who insist that the creature breaks the mold and is equipped with more terrestrial-looking feet, consisting of strong back legs and short forelimbs. Almost all accounts agree that the creature in question has large eyes, a prodigious mouth and is between 20 and 30-feet in length.

The first recorded encounter with this creature hails from 1635. During that period the animal was known for its midnight raids on local farmer's crops. Since that time literally thousands of individuals have claimed to have seen or photographed the creature, but perhaps the most incredible piece of evidence uncovered to date, is the carcass of what is believed by some to be a Storsj?uret embryo.

Discovered on the shore of Lake Storsj?n June 18, 1984, this carcass was miraculously preserved, and now resides in a glass jar in Jamtli, the Museum of J䭴land.

Certainly one of the most horrifying events ever reported regarding this beast came from a then 73 year-old, Fisheries officer by the name of Ragnar Bj?. According to this seasoned lake veteran (who claims that he was once a skeptic regarding the existence of Lake-Monsters), while he was navigating Storsj?n his 12-foot row boat in order to check fishing permits, he had an encounter which he would never forget.

Bj? claimed that he was shocked when the placid waters of the lake suddenly broke astern of his modest vessel, revealing a gigantic, serpentine tail. Moments later the rest of this incredible, sub-aquatic creature emerged directly next to his boat. Bj? described the animal as being over 18-feet long, with a grayish-brown spine and a yellow underbelly.

Stunned by the audacity of this creature, and fearing for his life, Bj? proceeded to beat the beast about its neck and back with his oar. Enraged, this animal tore its tail from the water and sent it crashing down next to the row boat. The backwash from this blow was so tremendous that Bj? claimed he and his craft sailed at least 9-feet into the air. Although he survived the incident, Bj? claimed that his beliefs were forever changed by the event:

"At first I didn't believe that there was any monster in the Storsj?.but now I am convinced."

In August 1998, as a result of Bj? encounter (as well as a huge cache of other eyewitness reports), the monster in Lake Storsj?ecame the subject of an intense, two and a half week, international expedition known as GUST 98. The team, led by GUST founder, JAN OVE SUNBERG, was, unfortunately, unable to produce any concrete evidence of the creature. That same year, famed Loch Ness naturalist - and former monster hunter - ADRIAN SHINE, led his own expedition to the lake with comparable results.

In the summer of 2000, four observation posts were erected on the shores of Lake Storsj?In 2001, an additional four sites were constructed, giving locals and tourists alike ample opportunity to enjoy the natural splendor of the lake, or maybe... just maybe... catch a glimpse of the unthinkable.

When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey
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