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Types of Werewolves

Spiritual Werewolves

It is not the physical manifestation of a creature, nor is it a mental condition, but rather more akin to the Dream quests that a shaman may take.

It is believed that the spirit of a person projects apart from the body, and takes the shape of one's totem animal/spirit.

A Theriomorph is a shapeshifter; a being who can assume an animal as well as a human form. A spiritual theriomorph is someone who at least sees aspects of animals in his or her personality and actions, and those aspects shape who he or she is

Real Werewolves

The second type is the one who achieve the effective physical transformation of man into a wolf. Werewolves are of two sorts: voluntary and involuntary or alpha and beta. Note that this classification is modern and has no historical or cultural background to fund it.


Alpha werewolf is the name given to those who have been given the power of shape shifting through the use of ointments or charms or born to a werewolf (heredity).

Passed on from generation to generation, and sometimes skipping one, the hereditary form manifests itself after the person reaches puberty. When using magic, it is quite possible for the creature to perform amazing feats of strength and even call on surnatural and psychic powers.

For those who have acquired the "curse" through their own will, by entering into a pact with the Devil himself, the change can be done at will and even in the absence of a full moon.

 It is said that humans who enter into this pact do so out of desperation and often, in an effort to seek revenge for the death of a loved one.


Those who have been cursed or bitten by another creature are all involuntary Werewolves. They have little or no control over their changes from Man to Wolf and Wolf to Man, and are subject to phases of the Moon.

The relationship between Alpha and Beta werewolves is a complex one. Once a subject is bitten by a werewolf, his or her life and death are doomed to the werewolf curse. The victim does, however, have some hope - as long as they themselves do not taste of human blood, the curse is reversible.

If the Alpha werewolf is killed - through some action of the Beta - the Beta's curse is broken. It is important to note that whether the Beta werewolf was bitten by the Alpha werewolf himself or by another Beta, it is the Alpha who must be destroyed - the source of the original tainted blood.

It is also an interesting note that since Betas and Alphas share common blood, an Alpha cannot physically harm a Beta of his own bloodline by his own hans without inflicting the same injury upon himself. However, if a Beta is harmed or killed by another, it does not affect the Alpha.


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