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Cameroon (1998)
Edwige Mbalikoung, 24 years old, is the oldest of eight children in a Presbyterian family living in Abong Mbang in the eastern part of Cameroon. She was suffering from a severe disease and almost lapsed into a coma in hospital. She claims to have received visits in her dreams from Jesus Christ Who asked her to go back home and pray and read Psalms. When she finally obeyed, an insect came out of her head. Her father burnt the insect and she was suddenly healed. As she was facing criticism and suspicion while telling her story, Jesus appeared again and 'gave' her stigmata in her hands - a proof to the sceptics. Edwige Mbalikoung says the stigmata have the power to heal. (Source: Vent d'est, Cameroon; reported in Share International, January 1999)

Korean leader's life saved by Christ? (1973)
In a front-page interview in the Japanese edition of Newsweek, the newly elected South Korean President Kim Dae Jung discusses his extraordinary life as an indefatigable crusader for democracy. Since the 1940s, Kim has been persecuted, jailed, exiled, hounded, and nearly killed a number of times because of his political activities.

One particularly notable incident took place in 1973. Kim was kidnapped from a hotel room in Tokyo in the middle of the day by six men (who were later found to have ties to South KoreaLs security agency). He was taken to a ship, which set out to the open sea. Kim was tied to a board, and a concrete weight placed on the board. "In several minutes, I will die. My hard life will be over," Kim thought. At that moment I noticed Christ standing near me. I grabbed his sleeve and prayed: "Please save my life. I have so much work to do for the people of Korea."

Kim was not thrown overboard. Five days later he was released near his home in Seoul. He credits God, and the American Government who pressured the Korean Government to release him, for saving his life.
(Source: Newsweek; reported in Share International, April 1998)


Nicaragua (1992)
In Nicaragua quite a stir has been caused by reports from several people that they have met Jesus. Some of them claimed to have been healed of illnesses. In several Nicaraguan news publications, Rosalia, a market stall holder, gives an account of her experience: one day while she was at work on her stall a man came up to her and introduced himself with the words: "You wished to meet me, here I am, my name is Jesus." The man went home with her where he cured her sick child. Another stall holder recounted how Jesus had visited her home and from that moment on her three alcoholic sons were cured of their addiction. According to the newspaper reports Jesus had asked the people he visited to form a group. Their first joint action was to pay a visit to a cardinal, Obando y Bravo, who indicated he had no time to see them.

(Source: Trouw, Netherlands; published in Share International, June 1992 )


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