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posticon cattle mutilation

Since the 1960s, animals have been found lying dead in fields with their bodies mutilated. No blood, tracks or signs of struggle are found around the dead animal. The marks found on the animals are not consistent with attacks by predators such as wolves or coyotes. Instead, the incisions and removal of internal organs is made with great surgical precision and in some cases there is evidence that high heat (maybe a high powered laser) has been used to cut the tissues.

The first animal mutilation reported by international media was an Apaloosa mare named "Lady" found dead and stripped of flesh from the neck up on September 9, 1967 in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. A pathologist confirmed that all chest organs had been removed and the excisions had been made with high heat. Cattle are usually the target of the "mutilators"but other animals such as this horse [14 yr old gelding found June 22, 1993 - Raymer, Colorado] have been found with similar marks.

Steer found January 31, 1992 in Caldwell, Kansas. Jaw flesh, bone and teeth had been excised in bloodless, oval cuts. The excisions had been cut with high heat, hot enough to cook the hemoglobin.

Three month old male calf, found in Harding County, South Dakota on May 26, 1993. A perfectly circular excision had been made removing the hide, genitals, navel and rectum. The bottom lip, one ear, one eye and tongue had also been cut away. None of the meat was taken and the tears were not jagged which rules out predation by wild animals.

A microscopic examination of a mutilated cow's blood shows that the hemoglobin has been "cooked" with high heat. The top part of the picture shows normal cow blood, while the bottom part shows the "cooked" hemoglobin from one of the incisions on a mutilated cow! In addition to high heat at the excision lines, occasionally the internal organs are dry and bloodless when vets do necropsies.


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Re: cattle mutilation

Cattle Mutilation Phenomena refers to thousands of cases in North America where cattle have been found mutilated under abnormal circumstances. Sheep, horses or even humans have also been similarly mutilated, according to some accounts. Many mutilated cattle have been found marked with fluorescent paint, probably to help identify them in the dark.

The cows are found dead (although the cause of death is undetermined), exsanguinated (all their blood has been removed). Precise "laser-precision" cuts are observed in the mutilated cattle. They have had certain organs surgically removed from their bodies. Often their reproductive and rectal organs have been removed.

Abnormally high radiation levels have been detected near the dead animals when they are found, and scavengers will not touch the carcass. There are no footprints leading to or from the cows. There is evidence (clamp marks on the animals' legs) that the cattle were taken from their habitats and mutilated elsewhere. Sightings of UFOs and strange, unmarked, black helicopters coincide with many cattle mutilation cases.

There is no consensus that the phenomenon actually exists, or if it does exist, what causes the phenomenon. The number of animals said to be mutilated under unusual circumstances is unclear, but proponents argue it may be in the thousands. Ranchers are often said to be reluctant to come forward and report animals mutilated under odd circumstances, due to several factors: the associated ridicule, fear of reprisal, and the financial costs of securing necropsy for dead livestock.

Opinions are divided as to the nature and causes of this phenomenon. Some argue that there is no unusual "cattle mutilation" and that people are misinterpreting normal animal deaths. Some attribute these mutilations to extraterrestrials; UFOs are sometimes reported in conjunction with alleged mutilations. Others have suggested that secretive governmental or military agencies may be involved. Some observers have taken a more agnostic approach, arguing that some mutilations do indeed appear odd, but do not offer enough data to reach an informed conclusion. Yet this remains a world phenomenon.

Kansas 1897

An account by Alexander Hamilton of Leroy, Kansas, supposedly occurred about April 19, 1897, and was published in the Yates Center Farmer¹s Advocate of April 23. Hamilton, his son, and a tenant witnessed an airship hovering over his cattle pen. Upon closer examination, the witnesses realized that a red "cable" from the airship had lassoed a heifer, but had also become entangled in the pen¹s fence. After trying unsuccessfully to free the heifer, Hamilton cut loose a portion of the fence, then "stood in amazement to see the ship, cow and all rise slowly and sail off." (Jacobs, 15) Some have suggested this was the earliest report of cattle mutilation. This was part of a larger wave of so-called mystery airship sightings. (In 1982, however, UFO researcher Jerome Clark debunked this story, and confirmed via interviews and Hamilton's own affidavit that the story was a successful attempt to win a Liar's Club competition to create the most outlandish tall tale). Most of the allegedly unusual mutilations, however, date from the 1960s with cases continuing to the present.

Colorado 1967

The first allegedly strange death of livestock--or at least the first widely-publicized case--comes from near Alamosa, Colorado, in 1967. On September 7 of that year, Agnes King and her son Harry noted that Snippy (The real name of the animal was Lady, but the media quickly adopted the name Snippy, which has stuck), a three-year-old horse had not returned to the ranch at the usual time for her water. This was unusual, given the heat and the arid conditions.

Harry found Snippy on September 9. Her head and neck had been skinned and defleshed, the bones were white and clean. To King, the cuts on Snippy seemed to have been very precise. There was no blood at the scene, according to Harry, and there was a strong medicinal odor in the air.

The next day, Harry and Agnes returned to the scene with Mr. and Mrs. Berle Lewis, who were Agnes¹ brother and sister-in-law. They found a lump of skin and horse flesh; when Mrs. Lewis touched it, the flesh oozed a greenish fluid which burned her hand. They also reported the discovery of fifteen ³tapering, circular exhaust marks punched into the ground² over some 5000 square yards. (Saunders and Harkins, 156) The medicinal odor had weakened somewhat, but was still present.

Mrs. Lewis contacted the United States Forest Service, and Ranger Duane Martin was sent to investigate. Among other tasks, Martin checked the area with a civil defense Geiger counter. He reported finding a considerable increase in radioactivity about two city blocks from the body. (Saunders and Harkins, 157) Later, Martin would state, "The death of this saddle pony is one of the most mysterious sights I¹ve ever witnessed ... I¹ve seen stock killed by lightning, but it was never like this."

After trying to interest other authorities with little success, Mrs. Lewis turned to her professional connections: She wrote occasionally for the Pueblo Chieftain. Her account of Snippy¹s strange death was published in that newspaper, and was picked up by the Associated Press on October 5, 1967. Soon, much of the United States knew the tale of Snippy¹s death, and reports of UFO's were made from others in Colorado. That same day, an account by Superior Court Judge Charles E. Bennett of Denver, Colorado, saw publication. Bennett and his wife claimed to have witnessed three reddish-orange rings in the sky. They maintained a triangular formation, moved at a high speed, and made a humming sound. (Saunders and Harkins, 157)

The civilian UFO research group NICAP became involved in the case as well, and some people were speculating that UFOs were somehow involved with Snippy's death. Shortly thereafter, an anonymous Denver pathologist's account of his autopsy saw publication. Snippy¹s brain and abdominal organs were missing, he said, and there was no material in the spinal column. The pathologist insisted on anonymity, he said, due to fear of damaging his reputation with involvement in such a high-profile case.

The Condon Committee, then at the University of Colorado, sent its coordinator, Robert Low, to investigate. Low brought in Dr Robert O. Adams, head of Colorado State University¹s Veterinary and Biomedical Science School. Adams examined Snippy and the evidence. He concluded there were 'No unearthly causes, at least not to my mind.' (Saunders and Harkins, 164) Adams noted a severe infection in Snippy's hindquarters, and speculated that someone had come across the dying horse and slit its throat in order to end its misery. Then, Adams said, scavengers had inflicted the rest of the damage to the horse.

To some, this settled the question, but Mrs. Lewis argued that Adams' conclusions were flawed in not accounting for the lack of blood at the scene and the medicinal odor. Low reported that he¹d located the anonymous pathologist; Low said that the man was widely misquoted and was furthermore not a pathologist. The man¹s opinions of Snippy's death generally matched Adams¹, said Low. Jerome Clark later identifies the anonymous man as hematologist John H. Altshuler. (Clark, 17)


The marks found on the animals are not consistent with attacks by predators such as wolves or coyotes. In many cases the owners hear nothing at the time of the mutilation which is usually at night. All organ removal and incisions are done with surgical precision, and in some cases the evidence of cauterization along the incision lines has led investigators to believe the use of some sort of high heat cutting device has been administered, suggesting the strong possibility of a laser. Bones are also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut.

The body of the animal is totally drained of blood yet there no trace of blood is found, no signs of a struggle, footprints or tire tracks found anywhere on the ground around the body.

The typical cattle mutilation has shown repeatedly, huge oval shaped incisions around the jaw bone and in most cases the exposed jaw is completely removed, and the tongue removed from a precise incision deep in the throat. Also observed is the additional removal of at least one (1) eyeball, the udders on the female are most always removed and the sexual organs on both sexes are also most always removed.

UFOs and strange black unmarked helicopters have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bovines have been found. There have been reports about UFO's lifting the animal off the ground. No one seems to have a valid reason as to the link between the multilations and ET's.

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