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The Vampire Of Croglin Grange (1870)
This is a well known case of vampirism in the northern stretches of England. In essence, a well-to-do family rented a remote country house, and a female member was attacked by a hideous vampiric monster, which was driven off by her brothers. The incident repeated itself a year later, at which time the vampire was shot. The family traced the vampire to a local crypt where a corpse was found with a bullet wound in it's leg. The corpse was dismembered and burned.

This is actually a sad case of Sabbat wickedness resulting in not only the needless end of an unlife but a breach of the Masquerade also. The vampire in question was a Nosferatu antribru who has been created at the end of the industrial wars between the Sabbat and the Camarilla, shortly before the fiends broke and ran to the north. He was subjected to the usual terrifying rite of having to claw his way out of a buried coffin and shortly afterward the rest of his pack were killed by the Camarilla, leaving a very confused vampire in the midst of hostile territory. He fled north and, finding no other fellow kindred to assist him, took to living in the crypt where he was eventually killed. With his lack of experience, it is small wonder that his attacks were so ill-timed and unsuccesful. He must have spent time living off the blood of animals in the intervening months.

The Coventry St. Vampire (1922)
In April of 1922, three people reported into Charing Cross hospital with the same bizarre injuries in a very short space of time. Each claimed they had been passing the same street corner in London in broad daylight when they felt a sharp, stabbing pain in the neck and were later found to have sustained deep and penetrating injuries to that area of the body.

This odd incident is the work of the Tremere elder Dr. John Dee. A major thrust of his eldritch research has been toward helping vampires move about during the hours of daylight without sustaining injury. In the early 20th centuries he was known in the court of London for making many wild boasts about how far advanced this research was, and how powerful it was going to make the Tremere clan as a result. Concerned that it was a bluff to buy the Tremere more power about the court, and even more concerned that it might be true, the primogens of the other clans demanded that Dee show proof of his claim. These attacks were the result. An obfuscated Dee walked out in broad daylight and attacked several passers by in busy London. The elders were horrified at this breach of the masquerade and Dee himself was horribly burned, although it was generally agreed that he must have employed terribly strong magic to survive at all. It took him several years to recover. All the primogens agreed to put the incident behind as a mistake, and indeed Justicars were involved in an investigation. It is known that Dee has greatly decreased the thrust of his research in this area, although many suspect that he is, slowly, trying to perfect his methods.

The Winsford Vampire (1970)
The Winsford vampire case involved two girls who were taken to see a doctor with remarkably similar symptoms. Both had bruising around the neck and breasts, and both were lethargic, listless and having night terrors. On further questioning, both revealed that they had a midnight visitor who came to them in the night, whom they described as a tall, handsome man with black hair and olive skin. One of the girls recognised her assailant as Lazlo Ordog, a local art student known for his eccentric habits. The Doctor tracked down and confronted Lazlo, at which point the attacks on the girls stopped and the doctor started having a series of strange attacks.

Lazlo Ordog was an unfortunate Toreador, living in the Wessex fief. His sire, known as a most obtuse and self-seeking vampire very keen on indulging personal whims, had created Lazlo on just such a whim. He had then utterly failed to teach Lazlo the traditions of the Camarilla, instead merely honouring his childe with the occasional visit to discuss artistic flights of fancy. Lazlo was thus highly incautious in his feeding habits and was, naturally, as self indulgent as his sire, believing this was the 'correct' way for a vampire to behave. Eventually, of course, reports of the curiosity reached the Prince via the newspapers. After an investigation by the Archons, Lazlo's sire was made the victim of a blood hunt for his crimes. Lazlo was pardoned, provided he learned the proper strictures of the Camarilla and never again came close to breaking any of them. Thus Lazlo survives in the Wessex fief. In fact, he is more than a little upset about the treatment his beloved sire recieved and might one day gather courage and allies enough to plot revenge.



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