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posticon house of horror?

House of horrors
Frightened mum ********* says a posse of ghosts has taken up residence in her family's home.

Mrs *****8, 29, of *******, Chippenham, and her husband ****, who have three young children, have seen ghostly faces appearing through walls and mysterious orbs turning up on family photographs in their 50-year-old home.

The mum has called in a medium to get rid of the most frightening spirit, who they claim came out of their son's wardrobe and sat on the end of his bed.

Mrs ******* said: "When *******, who is four-and-a-half said mummy, a man came out of the wardrobe and sat on my bed' we didn't believe him at first. But we saw the man's face in the wall. It was just like it was floating there. He looked very angry sometimes, he had a very nasty face. I didn't like him at all.'' She has also been frightened by footsteps running along the landing while she has been in bed.

"It was like someone was rushing towards the bedroom. When I opened the door there was no-one there. I was really frightened by that,'' she said.

Another time her husband ******, a self employed gardener,was alone in the kitchen when he felt as if someone was watching him. He said a face appeared through the ceiling.

"It is a bit worrying,'' he said. "I don't really believe in all that stuff but I don't have any other explanations.'' He discovered odd balls of light on pictures he took of ****** and daughters *****, six, and ********, two.

"They were just all around the kids,'' he said. He tested the camera to see if it had a fault but pictures taken elsewhere were okay.

The family called in a friend of a friend who is a medium. "She asked the man in ******* room to leave us alone and he seems to have gone," said Mrs Bracey.

"But she said there is a little girl with a bow in her hair still in the house and another man.'' The medium told the family their house, which was built on farmland, could be on a ley line.

Mrs B******, who works in a call centre in Chippenham, said theirs is the only house in the road to have problems.

"The neighbours think it is all a bit odd,'' she said. "They won't come in the house.''

11:41am Thursday 5th April 2007


(i've deleted the names of the family for privacy)

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