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The Rusalka is a chaming amphibious lake or river creature. It can best be seen on a clear night when the moonlight relfects off the Rusalka’s long green hair. With delicate pale skin and comely features she as much as a temptress as any of her saltwater cousisns. She has the ablitit to shape shift into a toad, frog or fish.

The original Rusalka is a Russian underwater princess who lives in a palace in the depths of a river or lake. She is always searching for a mortal playmate to share her kingdome with.

As an amphibian she can rome upon land, and she lures children with baskets of goodies and young men with her charms, but she is doomed to remaine alone, for either her partners all drown, or she tickles them to death. So she is constnatly on the prowl.

The Rusalka live on land for long streach of times, accroding to lore, they may live for years upon land, becasue they keep with them a magic comb that is used to conjure up water, brigning some element of home with her.

It is beleived that the Rusalki are the souls of babies who died before they were baptized and the souls of virgins whom drowned. In the spring they leave thier underwater worlds and head for the field and forest to dance in circled with garlands in thier hair. They are most powerful and dangerous during Rusal’naia week, a festival in mid-June. In this celebration of spring there was an old rite among peasants in southern Russia and Ukraine of creating an effigy of the Rusalka which was burried or torn apart. Offerings were made to the Rusalki of eggs and garlands to appease them. Songs sung to avert their powers.

When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey
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