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The Nuckelavee us an amphibian centaur from Scottish lore. He has the head of a small human, and his mouth, which is upon a pigg like snout is several feet wide. Like a typcial centaur he has a human-shaped upper body which rises from a horselike toros. He has only one eye, which is huge and bloodshot. However what makes the Nuckelavee particuarly unsightly is that it has no skin at all.

The Nuckelavee is from the Fuath family. A fuath is a Celtic water spirit. Many have tails, manes, and webeed feet and are noseless. The females will sometimes marry mortal men, like many aquatic creatures of myth and lore.

It is said that if a Nuckelavee breathes on a plant it witheres, and if he breathes upon an animal it could die on the spot. He is balmed for crops that are blighted in the sea winds, and for the death of cattle that fall from the rocks near the edge of the sea. He is also blamed for epidemics and droughts. He is driven by a vengeful desire to do as much harm as possible by land, sea, and air.

When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey
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