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posticon the robbers grave

The Robber's Grave in Montgomery or "the grave of the man unjustly hanged" has long been a legend of note connected with the town of Montgomery.
In 1821, John Davies a plasterer from Wrexham was accused by William Jones from Welshpool of assault and robbery.

Jones produced two witnesses (not to the robbery) and appealed to them to help him find his assailant and to finding his missing watch and money on Davies' person. Davies was accordingly committed to the autumn sessions, where he pleaded 'not guilty' but was found guilty by the jury.

At that time highway robbery was one of the many crimes punishable by death. At the place of his execution, persons claimed to have heard John Davies declare his innocence and pray that God would not allow the grass to grow on his grave for a hundred years as a sign of his innocence.

He was buried in a portion of the churchyard where there had been no previous burials. The grave lies about 24ft west of the path from the north gate of the churchyard to the church tower, and about 30ft from the gate.



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