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read this

do you think ghost can follow you from one place to another?
Reason for why I ask this,
I live in this huge 3 floor home and this house gave me the creeps from day [sign in to see URL] has been many time when I could feel the present of someone around me when no one was home.
Now being a solitary witch not to much frightens me. One day as I was going upstairs to put away the wash. I saw it.
it was in form of mist or smoke,, move from my room to one of the kids [sign in to see URL] other child of mines could see it also.
will after going though separation with my husband , I moved from that house into a small apartment.
thinking I left the thing there(RIGHT) after moving in a few weeks later I saw that damn thing. it was in the child room that I said could see it. hovering over her bed.
Now it was time to really pull out the witches rituals and spells to remove this thing. right now I have not seen it again it's been 4 years.
wonder,,, is it gone?
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Re: read this

creepy-might be back one day though but to follow you is very creepy indeed,must have been connected in some way to you or your child-not sure to be honest cos iam not that much in the know

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you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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