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Henri Tragne,of Marseille,France,fought five duell's between 1861 and [sign in to see URL] the first four his opponent's fell dead before a single shot was fired;in the fifth,Tragne himself died-again before shot's had been ex-changed.

An assassin named Claude Volbonne murdered Baron Rodemire de Tarazone,of France,in [sign in to see URL] year's earlier the baron'e father had also been murdered-by a Claude [sign in to see URL] two assassin's were not related.

Three Englishmen traveling by rail in Peru,one day in the 1920's found themsleves to be the only occupant's of their passenger [sign in to see URL] themselves,they discovered that the first man's surname was Bingham,and the second man's,Powell;the third man was Bingham Powell.

(all taken from a readers digest book)

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you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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