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world war ll had begun and england had survived the worst of the blitz by november
1940.E.Matts of Coventry was working in his garden shortly after noon in clear
weather when suddenly
    "i seemed to be in the centre of intense blackness
    and looking down observed at my feet a ball about
    2 feet was of a pale-blue-green colour
    and seemed made of a mass of writhling string's of
    light,about 1/4 inch in diameter"
After a few second's the ball rose from the ground,cleared a row of house's,
and landed a quarter mile away,"Matts concluded,"i felt no alarm whatever,but this may be explained
by the fact that we had experienced considerable bombing in Coventry at that period.
(taken from weather magazine,july 1964)

A freakish blast of heat swept over the town's of Figueria da Foz and Coimbra,Portugal
on july 6th,1949.It lasted only two minute's,but a naval officer at Figueria da Foz reported
that the temperature shot up from about 100f to 158f within that time.Many barnyard fowl
were killed,and the Mondego River was reported to have dried up in several place's.
(mysteries of fires and lights,by Vincent Gaddis)



you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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