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posticon some ghost stories from britain

The Phantom Violinist - Stainland, Nr Halifax, Yorkshire

Submitted by Martin Heaps

Mr Albert Paradise first moved to his cottage in about 1930, when he was still a child. The cottage is in Stainland near Halifax, Yorkshire. Because Mr Paradise father had a fear of gas and electricity, the house did not have anything other than a coal fire and oil lamps or candles until his death in th 1950's.

On New Years Eve 1956 Mr Paradise was in bed listening to music; he had not been drinking despite the festive season. Mr paradise had left the bedroom curtains open and was lying in bed. Above the fireplace was a victorian print and Mr Paradise apparently saw a face appear in the frame then watched in terror when a figure appeared to walk out of the fireplace and towards the bed. Mr Paradise described the apparition as having a white face, sunken eyes and long white hair.

Even more extraordinary the figure appeared to be playing a violin. Mr Paradise left the room in terror.

A few nights later Mr Paradise was in the kitchen when he felt someone was behind him and he was too afarid to turn around; he remained rigid in the kitchen.
No further reports where made after the fireplace was bricked up and the house fitted with electricity.



Wadsley White Lady - Wadsley Common, Sheffield, S Yorkshire

Submitted by Martin Heaps

Wadsley is in the northwest of Sheffield in South Yorkshire and in 1920 became momenteraly famous for its white-lady ghost.

She was seen in Worrall, Wadsley and Loxley but though to originate on Wadlsey common. She glided silently around, raising her arms in lament. According to the legend, the lady walks, if walks be the word, between nine and eleven at night.

As reported in the Sheffield Daily Independant of 5 February 1920, Clarence Swain was out walking with his sister when they saw the figure. Bothe he and his sister where alarmed at the sight and commented, "Me nervous! I was never feared before of man or spirit but if this wasn't a spirit I am beat".

A minor John Grayson also saw the ghost on the same spot again with its arms waiving in despair. Many others also claim to have seen the ghost.

Despite the very human like appearence of this white-lady local researchers are convinced that this particular report belongfs under the tag which-nun, whice is believed to appear when natural gases and energy emanate from the Earth.

These swirling elongated shapes can appear very human like and to someone alone in a desolate area it is all too easy to see faces and moving limbs.


Abbas Hall - Nr Great Cornard Suffolk

Submitted by Martin Heaps

Abbas Hall is located just a few miles from Borley Rectory. Events there were investigated by ghost hunter Philip Paul who worked with the occupant, Yvonne Spalding.

Her job was to look after the hall for the owner, a solicitor, in exchange for which she was allowed to live there rent free. She also tended a herd of Jersey cattle kept on the nearby esate of Lord Abinger.

Spailding reported hearing footsteps and heavy dragging noises in the bedroom in the bedrooms upstairs though she could find no explanation for these sounds. Lord Abinger apparantly told her he had seen the face of an old women looking through the window; when he and Yvonne went outside to investigate no one could be found outside.

On another occasion Yvonne was alone in the house in the evening, reading in the living room when the kitchen latch door made a sound.

Her cat and her dog then stared at the door and bothe moevd their heads in unison, appeared to be watching something move across the room where the latch on the other door also clicked. Some seconds later she heard dragging of feet in the upstairs bedroom.

Uncomfartable to say the least, she took her animals and spent the night at a friends.


The Millers House - Willington, Tyne and Wear

Submitted by Martin Heaps

In 1840 ghostlight phenomena were reported in a miller's house, owned by a quake, Mr Joseph Proctor, at Wellington, Newcastle. One particular room in the house was said to be haunted by disembodied human sounds and balls of lights, which would render it impossible to be occupied as a sleeping apartment. Various animal noises where also present.

In order to investigate the phenomenon Dr edward Drury visited the mil with a friend on 3rd July 1840. The house was secretly locked up and examined and Dr Drury sat on the third - story landing waiting for the phenomenon to mainfest itself.

At around ten minutes to midnight there was a noise which sounded like pattering of bare feet on the floor.They could hear waht sounded like coughing in the haunted room although it was empty and they heard a rustling sound coming up the stairs.

At a quarter to one Dr Drury saw a figure of a women dressed in grey clothing. Here head was slightly bowed and one hand was pressed against her chest as if she was in pain.

The apparition approached cautiously and pointed towards his friend who was sleeping nearby. drury then rushed towards the apparition, giving an almost awful yell bu found nothing of substance and he ended up collapsing on his friend; for the next three hours he could recall nothing.

During this peroid he was carried downstairs in a state of fear and terror Dr Drury later said he was suprised at how innafected he had been.


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