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Rossetti's Mistress

This is a story I have always loved. The Victorian poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti had a mistress of whom he had always took for granted, untill one day she suddenly died, and he realized how much he loved her, he was devestated by her death, and so he insisted on having a book of poetic verses called The House of Love, a collection of poems he wrote for her, burried with her. His friends tried to talk him out of it, becasue it was the only copy of those works, but he refused to listen.

A few years later, he changed his mind and wanted the works back and had the grave exhumed, it is said, his friend, a judge, a docotr, and a police officer went to unburry the grave, Dante was not present.

When the grave was opend it, reports are, that Dante's mistress looked as fresh as the day she was burried, and appeared only as if she were sleeping, the only thing that changed, was her hair had continued to grow and filled the coffien in red-gold locks. But the pages of the poetry were decaying, yellowed, and aged.

All present, Dante's friend, the officer, judge and doctor, signed an affidaved swearing this is what they saw.

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