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Lake Champlain


Lake Champlain, is a lake that is 109 miles long on the boarders of New York and Vermont. A French explorer by the name of Samuel De Champlain has been given the distinction of being the first individual to see the North American lake monster in Lake Champlain. This is reported to have develop in the year 1609, but this may not have been the first sighting of the lake monster that has come to be known as CHAMP.

A journalist in the 1960’s found that the sighting may not have been in the lake at all ,that it is more likely that the first sighting of the lake monster was off the coast of the St. Lawrence estuary. In all likelihood the first sighting of the lake monster in the lake itself, took place at Port Henry, New York in 1819 by settlers in the territory. It was again noted at an locus that became known as Dresden, New York in the first part of the seventeenth century. The sightings continued and in 1883, the Sheriff of Clinton County Nathan Mooney delineated witnessing a “ an enormous snake or water serpent 25 to 30 feet in length”. In 1899 a group of men fishing saw something slightly leave the water and move up the shore line.

Sandra Mansi, was vacationing in Vermont not far from the Canadian Boarder. When the lake monster made its presence known to Mrs. Mansi & her husband. They had the presence of mind to get a camera and took a picture of Champ. The picture was analyzed and it was concluded that it was not a fallacy. From this picture it has been speculated that the lake monster may be a creature known as a plesiosaur, which lived many centuries ago.

Lake Champlain would be ideal, It has depths of up to 400 feet and a outlet to the Atlantic ocean. The food is presence to support such a creature or creatures for centuries. Lake Champlain also has a water temperatures that is ideal for the sanctuary of such a creature as well as underwater archeology sites

In recent years a smaller creature has been seen with the large one. The research continues in Lake Champlain and only time will give us the answers that we seek. This creature was photographed in Lake Champlain.

Could there be a family of these creatures in the lake reproducing and continuing their yet unknown species all these years. It is assumed by many scholars that these mysterious creatures must reproduce in order to cover the time span of their sightings. For example, Nessie has been seen by reliable witnesses for 100's of years. We must assume, therefore, that there is a family of breeding creatures in the loch, and in Lake Champlain as well. There have been 130 verified reports of sightings as of 1982.

Update 2-22-06:

Is There a Monster in Lake Champlain?
ABC News

Feb. 22, 2006 — Residents near Lake Champlain in New York say they have their own Loch Ness monster. They call it Champ, and it's a local legend.

It is the inspiration for parade floats, T-shirts, key chains, minor-league baseball team mascots, and wild stories.

ABC News obtained exclusive video of something just under the surface of the lake that some say may be Champ. The video was taken by two fishermen with their digital camera last summer. Before their supposed sighting, they were Champ skeptics.

"It was as big around as my thigh," said fisherman Peter Bodette. "I'm 100 percent sure of what we saw. I'm not 100 percent sure of what it was."

"It made my hair stand on end at the time," said fisherman Dick Affolter. "It just didn't fit anything — any creature I had seen."

Affolter said they never saw the entire body.

"What we saw always stayed at the surface and parts of it would come above the water, like the back of the nose or the head," he said.

In the past, grainy pictures and home video taken from too far away did not provide a clear picture. This footage — showing an odd wake — is from a closer vantage point, but still not clear.

Lake Champlain Lore

So far, there have been hundreds of sightings — sometimes more than a dozen a year — of Champ.

"There are people who say they've seen something unusual in the lake," said Lohr McKinstry, a reporter for the Press Republican, who has been writing about Champ sightings for more than 20 years. "Some sort of unusual life that shouldn't be there in Lake Champlain. Best guess would be that it is some sort of creature that possibly should be extinct."

The Champ frenzy began in the 1880s when P.T. Barnum offered $50,000 for the capture of Champ dead or alive. Hunters and fishermen came out of the woods, but no one was able to collect.

As for the latest sighting, two retired FBI analysts reviewed the tape and said that it appeared authentic.

"I can't find anything in there that would suggest or indicate to me that this has been fabricated or manipulated in any way," said Gerald Richards, a forensic image analyst. "However, there's no place in there that I can see actually see, an animal or any other object on the surface."

When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey
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