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NOT too long ago, a horse carrying a Civil War soldier appeared on the misty Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania. Thinking the horse and rider were actors, a tourist spoke to them. But the two just stared—then disappeared.

Cindy Codori-Shultz hears stories like this all the time. "We have ghost sightings so often that it doesn't really spook us—anymore," says the owner of Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours.

Horseback riders for the Pony Express carried mail across the country from April 1860 to October 1861. But the spirit of the Express lives on—in more ways than one.

The service's Hollenberg Station still stands on the Kansas grasslands—and some people believe that the original horses and riders are still there, too. Startled visitors have heard pounding hooves late at night and felt a rush of wind as if horses were thundering past.

Odd things happen inside the station, too. "Especially when the wind blows there's creaking and groaning," says Hollenberg's administrator, Duane Durst, "like someone is moving upstairs."

As Texas's open range was being divided into small farms in the 1880s, tensions tightened between cowboys and farmers. One legend tells of an angry farmer who fired his gun one night above a grazing herd. The noise spooked the animals, and many stampeded over a cliff to their deaths.

Today that eerie spot is known as Stampede Mesa, where visitors report hearing hoofbeats as if ghostly cattle are stampeding. "Herd bosses are afraid of those phantom steers," says rancher John R. Craddock in the book Legends of Texas. It's said that since that deadly night, every herd on the mesa has stampeded, always for some unknown reason.

The fighting was fierce in Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, as the Civil War battle raged. Sallie the bull terrier was a Union regiment's mascot. She stayed with the soldiers after the battle, keeping a lonely vigil over the men who had died. Some people believe that Sallie is still there.

"In the early days of July, if you get too close to where the Union soldiers fell, it's said you can hear the ghostly growls of a dog," says tour guide Ed Kenney. Some say it's Sallie, still guarding her fallen comrades.

The Tower of London is a royal palace where kings and queens of Great Britain once lived; it's also home to the Crown Jewels. In the 1200s, the Tower became the site of the Royal Menagerie, where the king housed exotic animals, such as elephants, lions, and bears.

Some say one of those bears may have escaped—from the grave. In 1815 a lone guard on duty claims he saw a bear lumber through the doorway. Terrified, the man lunged at the animal with his bayonet. But the weapon passed into thin air, and the frightened guard fainted.

He reportedly died within two days of his horrifying experience—maybe scared to death.


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