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i remember once when i was about 10 and i was at the top of my street in stafford,staffordshire,and it was dark and all of a sudden i saw a bright light in the sky,it moved nothing like a plane or a helicoptor and i don't think it was a shooting star,i watched it for a few minutes until i got fed up,i can't say it was a ufo but it certainly didn't seem to be some sort of plane
i also remember i used to go around my nans alot,and i always messed about with my brother,and one day he told me that he once saw an orange egg shaped object in the sky in the distance from his bedroom window,he said it was hovering over evode(the famous glue maker in stafford),to be honest i thought he was nuts until he found a cutting from a local paper with the exact same object but which was seen by a local farmer,i believed him then
they may be both explained somehow but don't ask me

these both date back to the 70s or early 80s(i can't be more precise than that-sorry)

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you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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