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Frankenstein - 1931


Ok, watched it again today and still love it. I think even the opening is great. Can you imagine sitting in a theater in 1931, waiting to see the long awaited 'Frankenstein' then having the man come out and warn you that if you are faint of heart to leave. Man, I can just picture it.

As for the movie, well you gotta love Dr. Frankenstein. "A Brain, waiting to live again in the body I made with my own hands." Delusions of Grandour? Just a tad.

And the scene of the "Monster" raising up to the sky. Considering the time, what a feet tha must have been to film. Outstanding. I loved the line after "It's alive!" Dr. Frankenstein in full glory "Now I know what it feels like to be God!"

There are so many classic scenes, the Monster's hand coming up to kill the Professer as he tries to disect him.. Sheesh, you could have killed him first.. And of course the little girl, being carried through the town. I imagine in it's time that was quite dramatic.

I always found it interesting that despite the fact Dr. Frankenstein created the Monster, the town didn't seem to blame him.

Bottom line, I love this movie. They just don't make them like that any more.


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