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Ghost Horse

Ghost Horse

From: Leasa ([email protected])

Ok. I went to my grandfathers old farm; witch is haunted by a horse ghost. You see he passed away 3 years ago, and he left the farm in dads care for the summers .So we went over there me and my dad. I got to sleep in the bedroom on the main floor of the farmhouse so I thought ya! I get to go out at night and pet the horses at night!. But the horse stable is across the field that they graze in. So I got up in the middle of the night to go pet the horses. As I was walking across the field to the horse stables, I saw a figure in the field it looked like a hores. Thinking that one of the horses got out I went over to it slowly to go put it back in the stable. So I was walking along and then it just vanished. I went back to the farmhouse and went back to bed. The next day I told my dad (I got in lots of trouble), and he said that a horse had died here a year before grandpa passed. And I never went out in the field again at nighttime. But this is true, if you belief me mail me o.k. thanks.


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