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posticon ufos over the middle east

UFOs over Amman Jordan
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 11:12:32 -0700

UFOs Reportedly Sighted in Amman

Source: XINHUA

AMMAN - XINHUA via Individual Inc. Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were reportedly sighted over the skies of Amman last Thursday evening, the English daily Jordan Times quoted Arabic daily Al Dustour as reporting today.

"Strange but seemingly real objects with glaring lights of different colors moved in the skies of Amman Thursday night and were seen by a number of citizens," the paper said.

Jordanian Minister of Information Marwan Muasher, in reply to an inquiry through Internet, said: "On my way home from a dinner, I saw such strange objects Thursday night. I cannot explain what I have seen or find an explanation for this phenomenon."

Department concerned were investigating the affairs, he added. Jordan's Meteorology Department said it had no clues to the incident. "It was reported in various places at various times, but ourequipment cannot monitor such a phenomenon because it is not meteorological but astronomical," said a department source.

"Even if monitored, such a phenomenon could not be explained scientifically," the source was quoted as saying.

End item.

18/09/96 9:27 GMT


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