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From ecstasy to flesh eating horror…
I peered through the bedroom curtains, there was even more now, at least twenty. My hunger was now as great as theirs and I knew I had to make my move whilst I still had some energy left.

My mind went back to that night almost a week before, parked in the woods, fumbling about in the back of my car with Julie. At the time I thought life doesn’t get much better than this- making out with the prettiest girl in town.

I admit now that I could hear some noises outside the car but as I was just popping open the last of Julie’s blouse buttons I was practically oblivious to it all.

"Stop" she blurted out as she pushed me away "there’s someone out there!

"Don’t worry" I replied "it’s probably just a fox or something"

I was more than keen to finish what we had started.

"There is someone!" she retorted, her face now pushed right up against the side window "a bloody pervert after a look no doubt".

As she was looking at the figure coming towards us there was suddenly an almighty crash as the back window shattered and a huge pair of blood soak hands grabbed Julie by the hair and started pulling her backwards.

"Help!" she screamed "get this sick [email protected]#$ off me!"

I grabbed her by the waist but I wasn’t strong enough, with every scream she was being pulled further out, my arms were now around her hips, then her thighs and then her knees.

Then the screaming stopped, the force pulling her ceased, I was now able to drag her back in.

"Julie! Julie! Speak to me, are you okay?"

I looked into her eyes, the fear and knowing were deafening, her mouth was opening and closing without sound then I saw why.

Her whole throat had been ripped out, torn out, no bitten out. Her life was draining out of her as quickly as the blood that spurted out over her open blouse.

As I turned around the murderous beast was standing at the back of the car chewing away on his prize. A huge man dressed in army uniform with part of his face missing, no life visible in those cold eyes. Then he stopped and stared right at me.

My animal instinct kicked in- fight or flight? Without thinking I dropped my Julie and I grabbed for the door handle. I was now face to face with the second monster with only the thin side window between us.

It let out a blood curdling moan and started banging on the window; thankfully it was a lot smaller than the other and it didn’t have the strength to smash it. I shuffled across to the other door and got out just in time as now the larger one was stretching in through the rear window looking for its next victim, its next meal.

I ran down the road as fast as I could, not looking back, not even caring about Julie, I was only thinking about myself.

I had only been running for a minute when I saw only about thirty feet away a car, no wait it was a jeep and it had three soldiers standing by it.

"Help, Help me, they are trying to kill me!" It wasn’t a scream or even a shout; it was more of a sobbing whimper.

When I got to within ten feet I slid to a sudden stop, it was more of them, the groans and shambling movements turned my blood to ice. I done a ninety degree turn and started off again, running into the forest.

It was about three miles to the nearest habituated area but I had now lost my bearings so I had no idea in what direction it was, I didn’t care anyway, I just wanted to get as far away as possible, to try and get safe.

Thankfully before exhaustion set in I came across a clearing with a building in the centre. It was an unfinished holiday home, more and more of these were now starting to sprout up around the area, rich business men from the city or top brass from the army base had them built to escape their worries- their worries I thought!

All the downstairs entrances were secured including shutters on the windows; they didn’t want to make it easy for us locals to get too nosey.

I got a ladder and made it up to a veranda, disposing of the ladder afterwards, and got in through the French windows, sometimes a miss-spent childhood does have its benefits. Now I had time to get my breath back, I would be safe here until morning, surely it would all get sorted in daylight.

Next morning I looked out, it wasn’t better in fact, it was a scene from hell, there was now seven of these monsters, zombies or whatever they were roaming around the house trying to get in.

Still I am safe; it will all get sorted soon.

So here I am, water has been plentiful as the house has been attached to the mains but not one bit of food to be found anywhere. After nearly a week of hunger the pain is horrendous, I can’t survive another few days like this… help is not coming, I must get out of here.

I wait until they are as spread out as evenly as possible, god I wish I had pulled up the ladder not thrown it down. This meant I would have to shimmy down the drainpipe; I should be able to do it in a few seconds, which should be enough.

I made my move, I was weaker than I thought, and it took longer than expected, when I got to the bottom and turned around my heart nearly stopped. It was Julie, about five feet away with her arms stretched wide open walking towards me.

Maybe she wanted to finish what we started that night.


you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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