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Throughout history, man has been fascinated by the concept of ghosts - with sightings reported back in ancient times. Tutbury has a long tradition of ghosts - some of whom are more plausible than others. Here is an introduction to some of our “guests”.

The Keeper

Wearing a full suit of armour, and behaving in a manner that might best be described as authoritative, this ghostly figure has been seen stepping out in John of Gaunt’s Gateway and bellowing “Get thee hence!”.

Although last sighted in daylight about four years ago, by a visitor who complained that an idiot of an enactor had told him to “get over the fence”, recent increases in paranormal activity might suggest that another visit could be imminent. When it was pointed out that no enactors were on site that day, and that similar ghostly apparitions had been reported by other unsuspecting visitors, the response was "I'm sorry but I don't believe in ghosts". What better evidence can you get?

Mary Queen of Scots

Tutbury was Mary’s most hated prison. She suffered much at Tutbury and was at the Castle as a captive of Elizabeth 1st on four occasions.

She was seen all in white by some members of Her Majesty’s services. In 2004, at approximately midnight, she was seen standing at the top of the South Tower by over 40 men - in the form of a figure dressed in a pure white gown. When they saw her they all just laughed - believing the Curator was teasing them by putting on an Elizabethan gown as a joke.
When it was pointed out that curator Lesley Smith does not have a white gown, and neither do any other Elizabethan enactors who work at the Castle, the men were profoundly disturbed by this sighting - a particularly important sighting as there were so many who saw her. She was also seen rapidly crossing the grass, one hot afternoon in 1984, by a serving Marine.

Lately there have been a number of sightings of Mary - especially between 10.15 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. A figure, dressed in black, is seen standing at the window of the Great Hall as cars leave the Castle. In May and June this year she was not only seen by senior members of staff, who are usually quite dismissive of such reports, she was also seen by archaeologists participating in a seasonal dig at the castle - part of an intensive research programme being undertaken over a five year period.

The White Lady

Fewer sightings of her around the North Tower but a white column of mist is seen, of human height, on the grassy bank to the right of the tower. This shape is frequently photographed.


Said to be a child of seven years of age, but looking more like a five year old, Ellie is the most widely felt and experienced ghost at the castle. White shift, pale hair and laughing. She holds hands, pulls fingers, removes rings and causes electric pulses in the arm. Thousands of people have felt Ellie’s presence in the King’s Bedroom - many of whom didn’t believe in ghosts before!

The Boy

A little boy, wearing a white shirt, is seen to sit on the stairs in the Great Hall. Visitors who see him, believe him to be a real little boy.

Power and Lights
Batteries frequently drain. Film and T.V. crews often experience this without logical explanation. Blue lights are seen sparking and moving around some of the rooms. Cameras often fail and…sometimes stop working completely. The Curator, is often seen with lights circling around her when she is playing Mary Queen of Scots in the Great Hall. Orbs are photographed. Noted by the thousand.
Film and TV
12 different television programmes have been recorded at Tutbury Castle. For ghost lovers the Castle has featured on “Most Haunted” and “The World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt.” In September 2005, and April 2006, Tutbury Castle hosted the national “Most Haunted” Convention.

Record Holders

In October (2004) Tutbury Castle welcomed 2,000 people on a one night ghost hunting event! Some visitors come from as far a field as Paris to spend a night in Tutbury.


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