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posticon downing street ghosts

10 Downing Street. SW1.

The Prime Minister’s Haunted Abode.

Dating from the latter part of the 17th century, 10 Downing Street was given as a gift to the then Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, Sir Robert Walpole, by George 111 in 1732. Since then, it has been considerably extended and altered and has been both home and office to successive British Prime Ministers. Several ghosts are known to haunt the building. There is the man in Regency- style clothing who makes fleeting appearances both inside and outside the house. No-one knows who he is, although there is a suggestion that he may have been “a former Prime Minister.” During extensive alterations made to the building during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s workmen are said to have encountered the ghost several times. On one occasion his, shimmering shade, was even seen in the garden, crossing towards the wall that back onto Horse Guard’s Parade, where he disappeared.

A lady in a long dress who wears a magnificent set of pearls haunts the Pillared Drawing Room, which is used today for official functions and the signing of international agreements. Several messengers as well as people working in the neighbouring offices, have reported both seeing and hearing her phantom. Meanwhile, Policemen on guard duty have heard ghostly footsteps plodding their way around the building, although they can never find anyone in the vicinity when they go to investigate. The basement is the spectral realm of a little girl who has been known to hold the hands those walking along its corridors. It is also where several employees have reported the overpoweringly strong odour of cigar smoke, wafting around the rooms. Some wonder if the ghost of Winston Churchill might still be hanging around and enjoying, the odd smoke from time to time. Finally there is the smartly dressed spectre in a top hat seen striding determinedly across the entrance lobby, which has been known to make a decidedly unconventional exit, straight through the closed front door!


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