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Perched high on a cliff on coastal Northumberland, Bamburgh is one of the oldest castles in England. Dating back to Anglo Saxon times, it was the target of invasions by the Normans, the Vikings and the Scottish. The castle later served as a lifeboat station for shipwrecked sailors, a boarding school and eventually a hospital during World War II. Today, Bamburgh Castle is owned by the Armstrong family who restored it and opened its doors to public viewing.

Bamburgh Ghost: Green Jane
There have been countless sightings of a young woman carrying a bundle in her arms which is believed to be a baby. She is seen walking down the steep steps of the clock tower. She stumbles and then cries out as she falls down the narrow stairway. Witnesses have rushed over to the steps to help her but she disappears by the time they get there. While she is falling, people have heard mocking laughter from the castle above.

It is alleged that this young lady was named Jane and lived in the local village. She came from a poor family and was sent by her family to beg for food at the castle. She was abused by the guards and then sent away. In a weakened state, she fell down the stairs and died with her baby in her arms. The laughter is that of the guards who taunted her. She is called “Green Jane” because her cloak is a bold shade of green.

Bamburgh Ghost: Dr John Sharp
Dr John Sharp was the village curate who started the restoration of Bamburgh Castle in the 18th century. He restored the Crewe Room, which eventually became a school and now it’s a museum room. He was also responsible for setting up Britain’s first lifeboat station due to the high number of shipwrecks on the coast. Eventually lighthouses were built along the coastline.

Witnesses have seen a misty apparition which they are able to identify as Dr John Sharp by comparing it to a picture of him in the museum. He is usually seen in the Gallery area.

Bamburgh Ghost: Pink Lady
It is believed that this girl was a Northumbrian Princess who lived at the castle. She was in love with a boy but her father did not approve of him. The father, the King, sent the boy overseas for seven years and ensured all contact was cut off. The daughter grew more depressed as time marched on. The King conjured up a story telling her that the boy met someone else overseas and got married. This story was told in hope that she would finally give up on waiting for the boy’s return. This did not work and the girl sunk deeper into depression.

The King asked the royal seamstress to make his daughter a new gown in pink, which was her favourite colour. He hoped that the new dress would cheer her up. When the dress was finished, the daughter put it on and climbed up to the highest tower and threw herself off, falling on the rocky cliffs below.

Witnesses now see a lady in a pink dress who returns every seven years. She is seen wandering the halls in the oldest part of the castle. She then walks down a rocky path to the sea shore and stares out across the water looking for her suitor.

Bamburgh Ghost: Knight in Armour
There have been reports of stomping feet, rattling chains and the clanking of armour. People have also seen the ghost of a knight in armour wandering around the grounds.

Bamburgh Ghost: The Soldier
During World War II, Bamburgh Castle was used a convalescing hospital for soldiers. In the Tapestry Passage, the ghost of a young solder can be seen at the bottom of the stairs. It is believed that he committed suicide after hearing about the death of his girlfriend. Another story is that the soldier died from his wounds and not over his lost love.

Bamburgh Ghosts: Other Sightings and Audible Phenomena
Visitors have reported misty shapes or dark shadows, especially around the stairs and library. They’ve also reported being touched by cold hands when browsing in the galleries. Many people have heard a piano being played when there is nobody at the keyboard.

Even if you do not witness paranormal activity at Bamburgh Castle, the visit is still worthwhile because the exhibits and galleries are an interesting trip back in time. The beach is nearby and the view from the castle is spectacular!


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