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haunted Linconshire


 The rectory Epworth home to the Wesley family who experienced an outbreak of poltergeist activity during the months of December 1716 -January 1717 this case is one of the best documented cases of poltergeist activity.

Gainsborough ; Marton church

A woman dressed in grey was witnessed drifting through the church doors and vanishing into thin air by workman who where rebuilding the church . the vicar has also sensed a spirit of a elderly man with a bald patch and white flowing hair wearing a dark green cassock this is said to be one of the former church choir members from the turn of the century.

Doddington Hall

Haunted by the ghost of a lady in a brown dress. This spirit is usually seen by newly wed brides looking down from the landing of the hall.

The Vine hotel ,Skegness

A spirit of a man dressed in 18th century clothes has been reported wandering around the corridors of the hotel guests have also seen the same apparition in room no.8 this is said to be the spirit of a customs and excise officer who was found bricked up in the walls of the hotel.

The spirit of a former tenant called Alfred Lord Tennyson has been seen by staff wandering around the garden walking his two dogs.

Old coach house, Grimsby

 One of Grimsby's oldest pubs Haunted by a young boy who was tragically killed in an accident in the barn . There have also been numerous sightings of a dark shadow in one of the pubs corridoors.

Ayscoughfee Hall ,Spalding

 Haunted by the ghost of a white lady who is said to walk the floors of the hall.

Grimsby cemetery

A dark hooded figure has been sighted walking amongst the graves in this cemetery witnesses say the figure then vanishes into thin air .


Castle; A man riding a white horse has been seen here and a green lady who is said to be seeking her lost lover.


  Haunted by Cammeringham lights said to be the spirit of Iceni .A tribe leader called queen Boudicca.

Lincoln cathedral

  The steps leading up to the cathedral are said to be haunted by a 17th century cleric.

Stamford; The garden house hotel

A dark shadow like figure has been seen looking out of the window of room number 18 .Staff have also reported strange goings on on the top floor of the hotel such as objects being moved of there own accord and curtains blowing to and fro when there is no wind or draughts . Room number 18 is also said to be haunted by a ghost of a old man who when alive must have had with his trouble breathing as heavy laboured breathing is also heard in this room.


  A ghostly nun has been seen passing through a boundary fence near the site of a former convent.

Thorpe hall

  Said to be haunted by a green lady thought to be the spirit of a wealthy spanish woman Donna Leonora Oriedo.

 Belton house
A shadow of a headless woman in a period costume materialised onto the Brownlows
framed family tree. Main stair case hall has a ghost called Beltons bright lady said to be lady Alice
 Sherald from the 17th century.also in belton a tall dark man dressed in a black cloak and hat haunts
the queens bedroom.

Thornton Abbey

  Haunted by Thomas De Gretham the 14th century abbot of Thornton.He was bricked up alive in the dungeon. A figure has been seen staring out at people from out of the corners of the gate house.

The shaking headstone ,Laughton

  In the early 19th century Dick Rainforth used to collect dead from farmers who grazed their cattle on Laughton Common near Gainsborough. He used to sell their hides but when business was poor he helped it along by poisoning the cattle. This was discovered and he hanged himself in a farm barn at East Ferry. Because he had committed suicide he could not be buried in consecrated ground and he was interred on the Common. Legend has it that his ghost walks at night and if you stand on the gravestone at midnight it starts to shake.

The Phantom Parson ,Caistor

 During the nineteenth century the vicar of Caistor, Rev George Watson, visited his parishioners in the outlying villages on horseback. At one of his calls the stable he used was owned by a widow and before long it was rumoured that be was "carrying on" with her and he was much distressed. Eventually he became so worried that in a fit of depression he killed himself. An inquiry completely cleared him and he was buried in the south aisle of Caistor church.
His spirit is said still to haunt the vicarage. The dining room has two large French windows and a ghostly figure has often been seen to pass by going towards the house door. The members of one family who lived at the Vicarage all testified to having seen a clergyman dressed in grey and doors have been heard opening when there could have been no one else in the house.

Animal Apparitions Wrawby and Brigg
A ghost of a white calf is said to have appeared several times towards the end of the nineteenth century on the road between Wrawby and Brigg. Apparently the apparition attempted to lure travellers into the bog and, therefore, became known as ‘the lacky causey corf' which translated means the leaky or wet causeway calf.

Hubbards hills ,Louth

Walkers have reported hearing a phantom horse in Breakneck Lane, a strange knocking has been heard coming from a wall of a shop in Upgate, and a kilted Scotsman has appeared to visitors to Hubbards Hills.

St Botolph's Church , Skidbrooke

this 13th century church has been reported to be a hive of weird activity. passers-by have reported seeing hooded monks and mysterious lights have also been seen in the graveyard .

  Eleanor street school Grimsby

later became the grimsby art school this former school is said to be haunted by 2 ghosts one of a child who died in a tragic accident while swimming in the schools pool the other is a teacher who died on the top floor of the building they say you can still him walking along the hallways cracking his cane across his hand.


 A ghost of a young girl called Rosamund Avy is said to haunt the land between Irby and the river Humber this is where she was brutally murdered in 1455.

St. Anthonys Bank ,Cleethorpes

Haunted by a spectral hound

Mablethorpe ,Red doors market

This market is haunted by the spirit of a pixie featured man said to be a former worker of the Book in hand hotel which is next door to the market .

The Humber Bridge

This bridge is haunted by a few ghosts one said to be that of a construction worker who lost his life while the bridge was been built. This bridge is notorious for people ending there lives here by jumping off into the river below .one of the other ghosts that haunt the bridge is one of these poor souls that ended there life this way. One witness reported seeing a figure run across the road in front of their car and leap off the side of the bridge when they went back to investigate what had just happened there was nothing to be found.

 Beagles lighting shop ,Grimsby

There have been numerous sightings of lights moving on there own by the staff in the shop and customers .Doors opening and closing by themselves, staff have been locked in the store room interference with mobile phones and the till, footsteps have been heard on the stairs. And a apparition of a old man wearing a jacket has been seen walking up the stairs.


you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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Re: haunted Linconshire

Heritage Centre, Grimsby

 The ghost of a former tour guide and skipper known as Alf Hodson is said to haunt the centre. The staff have reported cold spots and the smell of tobacco and also heard are the sound of shuffling feet. one member of staff reported that they were aware of somebody in the gift shop and when they turned to look to see who it was they saw just a pair of legs standing there.

Wonderland , Cleethorpes

This building is said to be haunted by a few ghosts one is said to be of a young girl that was involved in a fatal accident while on a ride seen in the centre of the building holding a bag and wearing a dress splattered in blood. One of the other ghosts is said to be an elderly chap who has been witnessed by various members of staff that work in there .Its said that its one of the previous owners Ruben Felcey (had a son who took his own life in the building many years ago) people have heard their name been called out when alone in the building .One man witnessed the ghost walk out of a vintage car and into the accounts office when he went to investigate the man had disappeared .Two other men witnessed the same figure leaning over a car bonnet when they went to see who it was there was nobody to be found.

Corporation Arms, Grimsby

This pub is said to be haunted by the former land lady Mrs Drayton who tragically lost her life in a fire in the pub in 1918.

Scunthorpe General hospital

A apparition of a nurse dressed in a skirt is said to appear if a baby is ill and in great danger of dying when seen there a scent of violets is said to accompany her .After her sighting the baby is said to make a full recovery.

Lincoln ; The Strugglers Inn

This pub is haunted by the ghost of a dog said to be that of William Clarke once a local at the pub who was hanged in Lincoln castle for the murder of a local gamekeeper while out hunting. After the death of Clarke the dog returned to the pub but died soon after his master death .The dog was stuffed and displayed in the pub for many years . Many who have drank at this pub have seen a silhouette of the dog sitting under the bar only to see it let out a howl and disappear .Locals have also sensed a large dog brush past there legs when standing at the bar, scratching and whining are also heard in the bar too.

Caistor church

The local church said to be haunted by a monk who plays the organ .Footsteps have also been heard along with banging and of course the organ playing.

Ye Old White Swan ,Louth

This 14th century pub is haunted by a Tall man wearing white cape he is normally seen before midnight . The land lord heard what sounded like a crate of bottles crashing to the floor in a upstairs room but on investigation found there to be nothing that could of possibly made that noise in the room.

The old work house, Caistor

When the work house was no longer needed this building was then converted to a hospital for the mentally ill . Closed in the 1990's it is said to be haunted by a nurse that walks the deserted hallways. Another ghost which is said to haunt the hospital grounds is that of headless man .

Stamford theatre

  said to be haunted by a phantom who shuffles around the place.

The shoe factory shop , Grimsby

 Haunted by a apparition of an old man who was said to live in the cottages that where on the site before the shop. Customers and members of staff have reported seeing doors opening and closing by themselves ,whole rows of shoes falling off there racks and on to the floor .Customers experienced the sensation of having their feet tickled when trying shoes on. Also there have been reports of people Smelling a strong odour of tobacco . Tenants in the flat above the shop have also experienced strange goings on they have also had the sensation of someone tickling their feet. A visitor in the flat witnessed a shadowy figure in the kitchen they described it as an vaguely outlined form that move fleetingly across the room before it disappearing.


you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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Re: haunted Linconshire

Canwick The vicarage

The walls of the old vicarage are said to bleed.

Barton ,Little Sidney
Providence house was once an Orphanage run by the National Children's Home. On one Saturday in October 1922 all the little boys were told it was time for a bath. This is when the tragedy struck. Sidney Conway, a 6 year old boy, fell in a bath of hot water and was badly burned. Four days later, on Tuesday 31st October, the little boy finally died from pain and shock.
There have been numerous reports of strange happenings in Providence House including revolving book stands, the sound of a childs cry and much more. This is not a malicious ghost, just one that wants to be friends.


A little boy is said to stand with his hand on the devils dog head .

Haddington ,The corner farm

An apparition of a monk has been seen digging in the garden on many occasions another monk has been sighted standing in front of the drive way leading up to the house . A soldier has been sighted walking around upstairs in the bedrooms. There have also been reports of someone knocking on the attic bedroom door . Family members have heard the voice their mother calling out there name only to discover that she was not in the building at the time.

Black horse Pub Lincoln

During the pubs renovation workmen experienced a host of unexplained activity whilst working in this pub such as hearing footsteps walking around unoccupied parts of the building ,tools disappearing then reappearing in different locations around the premises, lights switching themselves on when there was no electricity . A grey lady has been sighted in the bedrooms and on the stairs and landing on the first floor by staff when seen she is said to disappear through a brick wall .

The red lion, Gedney Hill

This pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of the former landlord known as Paska.

Plough , St johns, Holbeach

apparition has been seen here on many occasions

  Deeping stage, Market Deeping

 An actual renactment of an 1846 accident has been reported . A hole suddenly appeared just as the stage coach was arriving and the horses plunged into it.

Sightings of a white dog.

Digby , Cawthorpe and Haugham

All these places have reported seeing a large white dog (identical in appearance to the black dog only this been white).

Gainsborough old Hall

An apparition of a grey lady has been sighted many times in the old halls tower .

The Abbey Hotel ,Crowland

Phantom footsteps are heard in this hotel thought to be that of a person called Henry.


A headless figure of a woman has been seen its said that she is waiting for her husbands return.

The old water tower Pelham road, Cleethorpes

A shadow like figure has been seen leaping off the top of the water tower to there death below

The Yarborough hotel, Grimsby

Staff have reported hearing and seeing small children on numerous occasions in the actual hotel and in the cellar.

Oxfam store Freeman street ,Grimsby

Members of staff have been plagued by poltergeist activity such as objects have been pushed off the shelves by some unseen force , cold spots , reports of people hearing their name been called out when they are in the shop alone, lights flickering , interference with the computer in the store, walls vibrating ,and a misty form has also been seen at the top flight of stairs .

The white hart hotel ,Bailgate, Lincoln

This 14th century hotel is said to be haunted by many ghosts first there is a girl seen wearing a mob cap who has been seen on the first floor looking terrified. It is said that she was killed by the local rat catcher . The second spirit is said to be that of a highway man he is said to have no recognizable features as someone shoved a flaming torch into his face all that is seen of his face is a pair of eyes peering over the brim of his cloak. The third spirit is said to be that of a young man who shot himself in the hotel in the 1960's this spirit has been seen but have been numerous reports of hearing weeping noises and guests have sensed a strong atmosphere of grief in the room where he so tragically took his own life. The last spirit is a smartly dressed gentleman wearing a smoking jacket and a cravat it said that he was the owner of a ginger jar that was stolen in 1978 he was so distraught by this that he now haunts the room where the jar was stolen from. It was said that a clairvoyant visiting Lincoln came across a similar jar in a local shop and felt impelled to buy it and present it to the manager.

The Abbey Hotel, Lincoln

This hotel is haunted by a local farmer called Henry Girdlestone legend has it that in 1844 Henry set out to walk a thousand miles as in many hours for a bet and he very nearly succeeded he staggered back to the hotel after forty nine days 1,176 hours having covered a distance of 1,025 miles and 173 yards . since henrys death there have been many reports hearing weary plodding footsteps coming from the attic.

Skellingthorpe church and graveyard

There have been numerous sightings of a large white dog with black spots seen sitting on his masters grave .The dog is said to belong to a Henry Stone who died in 1693 . The dog is buried next to Henry but is situated other side of the cemetery wall .

Polar cold stores Pelham road ,Cleethorpes (old Findus site)

There have been many sightings of a former employee who died in a tragic accident wandering around the site when approached he disappears .


you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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Re: haunted Linconshire

The Black Bull inn, Welton

This pub is located not far from RAF Scampton hence its said that one of the many ghostly visitors that haunt here is that of Guy Gibbson from the Damn busters. A local paranormal group claim to captured unexplained noises on their recording equipment while conducting a paranormal investigation there sound of doors opening and closing and the sound of someone walking up the stairs.

Chapmans pond, Cleethorpes

A apparition of a small girl drowning have been sighted at this pond when attempts are made to rescue her she vanishes into thin air.

  Barton ,The Tatterfoal
The Tatterfoal appears in the form of a rough-coated horse that haunts (or haunted) the marshes around Barton. Terrified witnesses describe it as having glowing red eyes and sounds like either a grating coffin lid or rattly chains. The Tatterfoal was said to lead unwary travellers into the bogs and to try and drown children. The ringing of the Barley Bell was said to frighten off boggarts and nasty spirits but unfortunately this stopped in 1860.


Barton, Baysgarth park
 A grey lady is said to haunt the grounds of this Park. in the stables it is said that a lady died trying to rescue her horse from the stables which had caught fire. She is still said to walk the grounds of the park on certain nights.

Asda ,Grimsby

Staff who work in Asda have reported of seeing a weird looking man wandering around the offices and the warehouse the ghost has also triggered off the security alarm in the store which then started the stores cameras to capture footage of an outline of a man walking backwards and forwards in the office .It said to be the spirit of a coal miner who use to work in the area . There have also been reports of the photocopiers been turned on and then been turned off again by themselves , paper has been thrown to the floor by some unseen hand and water taps have been switching themselves on and off .A janitor has felt that someone has been standing beside her and when she turned around she saw a figure of a man helping her sweep up.


A ghost of a soldier dating back from the civil war A roundhead has been seen by a woman who walking was along the verge of a road leading out of the village.

Little Cawthorpe

The old vicarage is haunted by the ghost of a dog which is often heard walking around the rooms upstairs .

Wellowgate Grimsby

local snooker club , back when this building was used by a local paint supplier the people working in the building heard banging coming from the top floor of the building when the room were the banging was coming from was entered the banging would stop as suddenly as it started . one particular morning banging was heard coming from upstairs and as usual the banging stopped as soon as someone went to investigate the noise, the person then turned around and the banging started again when the person turned to were they thought they could hear the banging they saw the floorboards moving on there own . sometime later a black monk was also seen in this room.

Browns pie shop steep hill Lincoln

A 15th century building which is now known as Browns pie shop is haunted by a poltergeist which has been named Humphrey by the staff who work in the shop.

Lincoln castle , The observatory tower

Figures have been seen climbing the steps of the observatory tower when the figures reached the top of the tower they vanished into thin air . A family taking photos of the tower revealed a misty white shape on the stairs.

Grimsby hospital

one of the buildings situated in the grounds of this hospital was once a former workhouse staff who have worked in this particular section have seen a figure of a nurse dressed in an old fashioned nurses uniform and is visible from the knees upwards .This ghost is said to be that of an old matron who use to work in the old workhouse.

Sun Inn, Saxilby

This inn is haunted by the famous ghost of Tom Otter who was hanged for the murder of his wife.

Weelsby Road, Grimsby

The house which is said to be haunted is built on the site of a former nunnery the occupants of the house have heard footsteps walking around the house when alone and have heard the sound of heavy laboured breathing .The mother superior of the convent was said to have had suffered from chronic asthma .

Wold Newton, Farm

during the month of august the locals celebrate harvest festival .The locals avoid going near the ancient barn on this particular farm as its said that if you go close enough to the barn you will hear the sounds of flails long forgotten threshing out the grain .


you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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Re: haunted Linconshire

Greenstone stairs ,Lincoln

The ghost of a seventeenth century cleric has been seen walking up the Greenstone stairs also a figure of a woman wearing a garb probably that of a nun or a nurse has been witnessed floating several inches from the ground up the stairs cradling a baby in her arms .

Louth ,church close

A carpenter working in a attic bedroom in one of the houses in church close had a ghostly encounter with a Victorian servant Girl who was sat on the end of the bed in this particular room he was working in . He turned to speak to the girl but she had vanished into thin air.


A ww2 airman was walking across snow covered fields looking for help after just managing to land his war damaged plane just out side RAF Scampton when he saw a figure beckoning him to follow. The figure looked like a local farmhand the airman followed him until he led him to a nearby road the airman then turned to thank his mysterious helper but when he turned around the figure had disappeared .When he later enquired who this man was nobody knew as there was no farmhands or locals that had been out in that area at that particular time.

Worcester Way ,Grimsby

A van driver who was out delivering fish thought he had hit a small young child that ran out in the road and straight into the path of his van When he got out to see if the child was hurt there was no one to be seen . He said the child was wearing old fashioned clothes.

Swinhope RAF listening station

This former listening station was plagued by outbreaks of poltergeist activity this is said to have gone on for many years.

Lincoln castle

A phantom horse and rider who was wearing a black cloak was seen travelling at great speed towards the castle gates shouting open the gates when he reached the castle gates he disappeared right through them .

The Lea gate Inn, Coningsby

Apparition of Jack cooper is seen often here .He's often witnessed sitting by the fireplace mumbling to himself. Most often seen on wintry afternoons dressed in sixteenth century clothes.

East Stockwith ,Farm

The wife of the farmer who lives on the farm saw a figure of a man leaning against the side of the stables he was small ,stout and said to be wearing fawn coloured breeches , leggings and a checked coat and a pork pie hat . thinking it was her husband she followed the man into stables were he disappeared into thin air. The ghost is said to be the farmers granddads groom old Carter who use to work on the farm 50 years ago.


Footsteps have been heard in the walking up the church tower's stairway when no one else is around.

Langton Drive, Grimsby

This house was haunted by the ghost of a monk which has been seen on many occasions the family who lived in the house fled in terror and never returned .

Bradley Woods ,Grimsby

 A lady dressed in black has been witnessed on many occasions gliding by the entrance of the woods and near the rangers house .The ghost is thought to be that of a murdered pregnant woman who was beaten to death during ww1 by the father of the unborn child.

Gunby hall

This hall is said to be haunted by Sir William Massingberd's daughter and a servant who worked at the hall with whom she was deeply in love with . The pair are said to haunt a path which is situated not far from Gunby hall which is now called the ghost walk.


you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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