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Gargoyle sighting

This happend back when I was in highschool, I was walking my dog, and it was the evening, so it was starting to get dark, I was walking up to this park I often go to and there is this creek down below the trial that leads to the park, and the trail as at the top of this downward slope that leads into the creek.

So I am walking along the trail, when I see something just sitting on the slope, at first it looked like a large dog from a distance but it was sitting perfectly still and not moving at all, even as we go closer.

So I grow currious and began to walk down the slope to get a closer look, and as I get closer I could see that the dog like creature, appeared to have no fur, but gray leatherly skin, and was shaped like a large dog.

It did not move a single muscle but stood still as a statue though as I had begun to get closer, I started getting this strange feeling and I could hear this noise, it was like a low pulsing vibration, almost like a heart beat.

After that I did not want to get any closer and I just backed up and continued on my way, I have never sense seen anything like that before.

When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey
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Re: Gargoyle sighting

now that is weird
would have freaked me out big time emoticon


you smile because iam different,i laugh because your all the same

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