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The Flatwoods Monster

In the eastern state of West Virginia, there lies the town of Flatwoods. Flatwoods, West Virginia is just like any other town...That is if you exclude the events on September 12, 1952.
 That day in September is definitely a memorable one to the locals of Flatwoods. Just as the New Jersey Devil is to New Jersey and as the Dover Demon is to Dover.
 On the afternoon of September 12th, Sheriff Carr and his deputy Long were given a report of an object falling to earth. Not long afterwards, a similar report was given by local school students. However it was the night of this where the most interest lies.
 Shortly before the sunset, four boys saw an object fall on a hill. Bringing an adult named Kathleen May and her two boys along, they journeyed up the hill. What they found was quite interesting. Twas’ a large sphere-like object which was reported to have a diameter of about ten feet. Now, afterdark, two lights suddenly shone from a distance. One of the members of the group directed his flashlights towards the two lights. However these were not just any lights...they were eyes! They were the eyes of a creature about ten feet in height. The eye witnesses described it as having, “a bright red face, bright green clothing, a head which resembled the ace of spades, and clothing which, from the waist down, hung in great folds”. Shortly after the creature realized it had been sited, it began to hover towards the witnesses. The group then retreated.
 Mrs. May called Sheriff Carr while the four friends called their “buds”. Even later that night, the original group, the sheriff, the kids’ friends, a giant mob of locals climbed the hill to see what has been reported. However nothing mysterious was found. All that was mysterious was that of a peculiar odor.
 The next day, “two parallel skidmarks and a circle of flattened grass” was discovered. Unopened-minded authorities tried to explain it as being that of a comet or meteor and nothing else. And that the so called creature was just an animal wrongfully identified. These are absurd solutions which do not solve many factors of the event. These include the fact that a meteor or comet crater would be clearly visible in the night. Also, there are no known species of a land animals that are ten feet tall, stand on two legs, and that also on top of that has a red face.
 Beginning the next night, other sightings were reported. A mother and daughter claimed to have spotted the creature not many miles from the hill. A non-resident of Flatwoods reported seeing a “bright orange object” hovering over Flatwoods. There was one more couple who reported an observation of unusual objects overhead Flatwoods, and also reported seeing the monster. Many investigators looked into this incident such as the famous John Keel (author of the Mothman Prophecies). A "festival" was recently held for the 50th year anniversary of the event. Though it has been exactly fifty years since this event the people of Flatwoods have never solved the mysteries of September 12th, 1952. -By Jarid Goodman

When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey
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